What Hotel Booking Websites Don’t Want You to Know

March 31, 2017
hotel booking websites

Travel website are plentiful, all claiming that they’ll save you more money than the next. When booking a recent trip to Mexico, we selected a vacation package  guaranteeing that we would be booked in a 5-star hotel. When we received the hotel booking, we noticed that it was actually listed as a 3-star hotel everywhere that we looked. Except ― you guessed it ― on the website of the travel company that booked it. This led me into a rabbit hole…

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saving money

The Cheapest Ways to Transfer Money Overseas for Canadians

March 9, 2017

Anyone who’s ever moved abroad has learned the struggle of transferring money from one country to another. This process is particularly painful if you’re paying down debt like a student loan in another country. Not only are you getting dinged on the loan’s interest, but you’re losing a portion of the savings to the bank just to get it over there. If you’re paying down a debt as large as a student loan, those are the transfers that will incur…

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saving money

The Tax Deduction I Wish I’d Known About Before Moving

February 21, 2017
The Student Tax Deduction I Missed

For years, my parents did my taxes along with theirs. The control freak inside of me was not a huge fan of this, but it did save me some time. So I went along with it, assuming that I was always getting the most money back every year. Fast forward to 2016 when my parents handed me the torch of submitting my own taxes. Exciting, right? So, for the first time ever, I scrolled through every possible tax deduction. I…

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side hustle

How to Run a Successful Etsy Shop: Tips from an Etsy Seller

February 14, 2017
How to make your first sale on Etsy

If you’re the DIY or crafting type, an Etsy shop could be your perfect money-making side hustle. Once you’ve figured out what you’re going to make and sell, the next hurdle is actually getting your first sale. It can be discouraging to add listings to your shop only to have them sit there without any views. With some patience and these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making some extra money from your Etsy shop. Complete your profile and shop Your…

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saving money

13 free or cheap date ideas, winter edition

February 8, 2017

Ah, modern dating. You’re instantly connected with a pool of prospects that you may have never crossed paths with in real life. I always love hearing about my friends’ dating lives, but I can’t help but feel a sense of panic when I hear about the number of dates they are going on, and especially the number of first dates. Being a saver by nature, my first thought is, “man, dating sounds expensive.” And it is. So before you swipe right,…

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The Pros and Cons of Credit Cards

January 26, 2017
Pros and Cons of Credit Cards

Credit cards get a bad rap because of the consumer debt that can come along with them. They can come with hefty interest rates and get their owners into some serious financial trouble. But, if used wisely, credit cards can also offer a lot of benefits that you just can’t get by paying cash. To help you make the best choice while avoiding getting into debt, I’ve rounded up the pros and cons of both options. The pros of credit cards…

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