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Don’t Buy Another Thing Without One of These Cashback Sites

June 4, 2017

If you ever shop online, you must be using one cashback sites to save money on every purchase. All of these websites are free to join and free to use. These cashback sites have relationships with retailers that lets them share a percentage of the sale with you, the shopper. For even more savings, combine these cashback site with sales and other coupons.


eBates is my go-to cashback website, which is why it’s first in the list. They often do 8% cashback on purchases at Sephora, which can be huge when foundation alone is $80 a pop. Other consistently great deals are on Amazon, Hudson’s Bay, Expedia, Best Buy, and Chapters-Indigo. Basically everywhere I shop! I even made my partner sign up since he books his work trips through Expedia. We’ve thrown away hundreds of dollars just last year by not knowing this site existed. Embarrassing.

Join eBates and get a $10 bonus by using one of the links below.

Join eBates Canada | Join eBates US

This one is USA-only and has a similar cashback selection to eBates. One of the best things about TopCashback is that it has an entire gift card section. This is a great option is you don’t want to shop online, want to get cashback for eating at restaurants or going to the spa, or simply love giving gift cards to friends and family. If not, I know you’re shopping at Target — so go get your cashback!

Join TopCashback and get a $10 bonus



I recently learned that SwagBucks does cashback. I know them more for their claim to fame, which is paying users to watch ads or take surveys. I’ve never been a huge fan of that part of their business model, because the payouts are minimal and they hide it by paying you in their own currency until you cash out. Even their cashback links give rewards in their “SB” currency, and the cashback percentage is lower than other sites like eBates. For these reasons, SwagBucks wouldn’t be my first choice unless you see a store that you can’t find on another cashback website.

Join SwagBucks here



BeFrugal has similar deals to eBates and TopCashback so I’d recommend comparing them if you are making a particularly big purchase. For instance, BeFrugal is offering 12% cashback on Expedia, which is huge if you’re planning a big trip. 12%! They even have some deals that are up to 40% cashback, so I definitely recommend opening an account and checking their rates first.

Join BeFrugal and get a $10 bonus


Coupon Cactus

Coupon Cactus is good to check out, depending what you’re shopping for. They have a couple of gems, like 55% cashback on and 50% off on trendy apparel store OneTeaspoon. They also offer cashback on quite a few flower delivery companies if you regularly send fresh blooms to loved ones. If you’re looking for the best discount on big stores like Amazon, this might not be the best one for you.

*Coupon Cactus is good for international shoppers, offering discount for Canada, Australia, the UK, and Germany.

Join Coupon Cactus



ExtraBux caters more to the fashion lover, so you’ll like this one if you regularly shop clothing and shoes. There are also some good deals on cosmetics and skincare mixed in. Unfortunately for me, this one is US-based!

Join ExtraBux and get a $5 bonus 



ShopAtHome offers cashback at the usual suspects like Best Buy and Sears, but the percentage is quite low. Perhaps one of their better features is the coupon section where you can clip coupons for groceries and toiletries.

Join ShopAtHome here


There are a few other cashback sites for US shoppers like Mr Rebates and MainStreetSHARES. My recommendation is to join a few of the cashback sites on this list, but don’t spend too much time shopping around to save an extra 1%. You’ll get to know which ones offer discounts at the shops you frequent and saving money with cashback sites will just become habit. Happy shopping!

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